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Reducing stress

Learn to let go of stress, control and perfectionism and be more relaxed and in touch with yourself.


Become aware of your limits, recognize stress signals and allows stress to be released.


The approach is down-to-earth, practically applicable, fun without loosing any depth.

Tackling root causes

We go to the root of the matter and merge western psychology with eastern traditions.

Choose Your Mindfulness Training Class

The 8-weeks mindfulness course is the base. You can go more into depth by following the 3-weeks trainings and/or a mindful coaching trajectory. To get to know me an introductory course or meeting will be the perfect start.

Mindfulness course

Mindfulness is a conscious, free and present way of being. This 8 weeks course enables you to observe your thoughts, feelings and behaviour rather than react.

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Mindfulness coach

My way of coaching is characterized by a pragmatic, in-depth and solution-oriented approach; it facilitates you to really tackle stress, burn-out or other life events.

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Mindfulness Retraite

Take a break from your daily life and stay in the middle of the beautiful nature of Texel. The retreat offers a down-to-earth and in-depth experience of mindfulness self-compassion.

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Through Self-Compassion, mindfulness and non-violent communication you will learn to deal with your difficult emotions and thereby open your way to happiness.

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Essence of Meditation

This training offers deepening in mindfulness and meditation using self-inquiry; examining the mind. Hereby exploring what the essence of meditation and our true nature is.

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Want to know what course is right for you? Come to a introduction workshops or call me for a free appointment!

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Beyond Mindfulness Amsterdam based on the three key elements

The approach of Beyond Mindfulness is based on the three key elements of many spiritual and philosophical movements:

Mindfulness: developing awareness, attention in the here and now, space and acceptance for passing thoughts and feelings.

Self-Compassion: sensation of suffering, recognizing common humanity, developing compassion for the temporary nature of the fluctuations of the mind.

The essence of Meditation: inquiry of the mind and the heart of your true nature.


Customer Reviews


Marc is a very good coach, he is understanding and compassionate. He also pushes you just beyond your borders with a lot of respect so you can trust t...

Kovács Anna, Amsterdam


Marc is a positive and energetic person, open-minded, deep and a very good listener. He takes really good care of people around him, so I strongly rec...

Elisa Caligiana, Amsterdam


Marc is een fijne coach. Zijn stijl is erop gericht je zo veel mogelijk zelf te laten bedenken en beslissen. Hij denkt mee en luistert goed, maar zal ...

Floor, Amsterdam


Marc is een enthousiaste mindfulnesscoach die niet zweverig is! Hele leuke, complete en verrassende cursus gevolgd. Aanrader voor als je zoekt naar ie...

Annelijn van der Slikke, Amsterdam


Marc heeft me onwijs goed geholpen in mijn nieuwe loopbaankeuze. Hij luistert aandachtig en stelt scherpe vragen die me echt in beweging hebben gezet....

Lotte Huising, Amsterdam

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Both the trainings as the mindful coaching are on the Hillegomstraat 12-14 in Amsterdam. The room is very light and cosy and the venue is well located between Surinameplein and Hoofddorpplein. For questions you can always give me a call on +31617720928 or send me an email on and I will responds as soon as i can.