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Happiness: Share your being

Do you know that brief feeling of restlessness after a special moment, a holiday of an intense group process? I have known it all my life. Now again, two days after a great holiday with my friends. But even more so with my nephews and…

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Mindfulness and Perfectionism

Perfectionism, a major disease for a new generation’ was the opening header of a major Dutch newspaper. A large report (2016) showed that people between 20 and 50 spend an average of 51 hours on ‘compulsory’ activities, such as work, education and care. Even in…

Face your fear - make love not war

Face your Fear – make love not war

This is a blog about the explicit, not the implicit, love making. Although ‘sexuality and spirituality’ would make a great topic. But I am not sure if I’m ready for that though ;-). After seeing the film Dunkirk by Christan Nolan (who directed Memento and…

Mindfulness and millenials

Mindfulness and Millenials

More than previous generations we (Millenials) are looking for happiness and go a long way to get it. We spend a lot of time in our personal development, watching YouTube videos by Simon Senic, making long travels, starting a family, walking the Santiago de Compostella…

It all starts with honesty

Last week I visited friends for a weekend and they were so nice and welcoming. We were taking a scenic walk throw the dunes and somehow an irrational fear of rejection came up. I don’t even know the trigger but I immediately felt disconnected from…