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The Mindful Athlete

What happens to athletes when they go into ‘the zone’? A questioned many athletes ask but few can answer. This blog is about the mindful Athlete and how mindfulness helps to come into the zone (flow). According to author Craig Lambert various things characterize being…

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Anxiety: fear of the unknown

It is fascinating, beautiful but also madness how our mind works. I was observing my worries about relatively little work and private things. You then notice the mind can’t let go of worries until they are dealt with. With the result that we are living…


Happiness: Share your being

Do you know that brief feeling of restlessness after a special moment, a holiday of an intense group process? I have known it all my life. Now again, two days after a great holiday with my friends. But even more so with my nephews and…

Guided meditations

There are many guided meditations online but relatively less on dealing with difficult emotions. Hereby i wanted to share three different live-meditations with you, which all are very powerful in their own way.

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Mindfulness and Perfectionism

Perfectionism, a major disease for a new generation’ was the opening header of a major Dutch newspaper. A large report (2016) showed that people between 20 and 50 spend an average of 51 hours on ‘compulsory’ activities, such as work, education and care. Even in…



For me, poetry is a great way to describe what is rationally often difficult to put into words. This poem is an invitation to stop looking for happiness but to be it. In this moment, the only moment we will ever have. Stop your search…

Face your Fear – make love not war

This is a blog about the explicit, not the implicit, love making. Although ‘sexuality and spirituality’ would make a great topic. But I am not sure if I’m ready for that though ;-). After seeing the film Dunkirk by Christan Nolan (who directed Memento and…