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Positive thinking: become the Yes Man

The movie ‘Yes Man’ from Jim Carry really did something to me. Clearly, he is a man of multiple talents. In general I like the movie the ‘Yes Man’ is it just funny but it also shows our fundamental choice to say yes to life. It touched me because can be a ‘no-man’ sometimes. But how liberating is it to say Yes! more often, even when things go bad. Could you use positive thinking, some Yes power? Then check the trailer here:


Proud of myself

Of course, I could say Yes! more often to life but the past year I can be proud of myself. I tried a cabinet-maker course (more difficult then I thought!) and I started taking guitar lessons. Both courses were totally challenging to start but jumping off a 12-meter-high rock was really out of my comfort zone. The first day, a friend of mine jumped but I was too scared. The same night I was fantasizing about jumping. Coincidently, we came back to that same spot and I did jump! Your system shoots that you will die but something attracts you to do. Anyone you has done something that really scares you, knows the feeling. But the biggest step was rapping for 120 people.

On the last night of my eight days meditation retreat (Rupert Spira) there is a Talent Night. The first two editions I was admiring the performances of other people. I scattered all my courage and went on stage with my heart pounding in my chest. Besides a drunken karaoke trial, I had never stood before a group, let alone 120 people, to sing a rap?! But this was a real Yes! to life and it was so liberating to conquer my fears. And what a rush to stand there!


Yes to life

Most of our spiritual and/or meditations take place in our own everyday live. It is not necessary to retreat in a monastery or cave for a longer period of time. Retreats certainly have its value but mostly as an inspiration, motivation and deeper understanding of our daily lives. Stop running from your negative emotions, daring to connect with other people, live with more satisfaction and relaxation and dare to come home to yourself.



In the area of romantic love I still have a lot of fears to conquer, it has been a blind spot for a long time. But I try to say Yes to myself, showing more my vulnerable side, taking responsibility for painful emotions and giving myself time and space to do this. If you want read up about the topic of positive thinking I can recommend the following. This inspiring book by Jan Geurtz, Jeff Fosters beautiful article about ‘Love’s deeper commitment’ and check youtube for countless video of Eckhart Tolle about (intimate) relationships.

And! Besides the fact that Jim Carry is a good and funny actor, he held a beautiful speech about meditation and living out of love instead of fear: