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Videos, books and websites on spirituality

Awareness, consciousness, spirituality, non-duality are words which can make us curious but can also create confusion. Eitherway this post can be an interesting read and contain inspiring videos. Moreover it might be the start of the most valuable journey you will ever make. The one about your own true nature, hope you will find teachers, books and website links that inspire you.


This video was quite controversial. Prince EA explains in less than 2 minutes what awareness is.

Eckhart Tolle clarifies in his own special and funny way how to deal with a busy mind. His book the power of now is one of the most red spiritual books of all times and shows his clarity but also his other book A new earth is worth reading.

This video is one of the inspirations to start Beyond Mindfulness. I never heard anyone else explain it so clearly why mindfulness is very useful but not enough to really go beyond our day-to-day suffering. He also wrote a compact but very inspiring book about spirituality called ‘Way of Liberation’.

Besides having done great movies, Jim Carry has given many inspiring speeches on spirituality (non-duality). Below you will find one of my favorites.

Mooji explains in his own enthusiastic way about awareness, joy and letting go.

In a powerful way Byron Katie explain how we can go beyond our ego and our believe in our stories (thoughts). With her effective method ’the work’ she makes it relatively easy to actually do this and explains clearly what spirituality is. You can read all about it in her book your inner awakening.

This link provides several meditations of the meditation Dutch teacher an author Jan Geurtz.
An interesting website with videos, audios and texts on non-duality (self inquiry) and dealing with strong emotions (yoga meditations) by meditation teacher Rupert Spira.
On this website you will find more information about awareness (non-duality) and its many teachers.