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Poem: I lose all control

For me, poetry is a great way to describe what is rationally often difficult to put into words. This poem is about control, believing in your own stories and the freedom of letting it all go and fall away in presence.

I lose all control,

I am neither here nor there,

It seems unfair,

I rest my eyes and stare.


Deep down I know who I am,

Empty and allowing me,

This feeling truly sets me free,

I feel it in every cell,

But at other moments it can be a hell,


When I start believing in my stories,

Ruminating over my worldly worries,

I loose the only thing you can’t loose,

I want a truce,

No more here and there,

Isn’t that fair?


But life will not give it,

As it is suffering that makes me sit,

And deal with the shit,

And let me feel free like a kid,

I abide and do honest self-inquiry,

I give all for truth,

Can’t you see?

I just want to be.


I listen to my favourite song,

And I refuse to control the fading of control,

I let it roll,

Take a little stroll,

Step by step,

Day by day,

Moment by moment,

No more corners to bent,

Just remember where I now stand,

And that is exactly where I should land.


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