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Self Compassion Inspiration: video’s, book titles and websites

This post contains various inspirational videos, book titles and interesting websites on Self Compassion. Suited for everyone who intuited, tasted and/or knows the power of this way new developments within western Mindfulness. At the same time this has been at the heart of all great spiritual traditions for thousands of years. Think of Buddhism, Yoga philosophy, Sufism and Tai-chi.


1. A powerful video of Pema Chodron about confronting our fears, especially the fear of ourselves. She wrote many wonderfull books but one of my favorite is: Taking the Leap.


2. Author and researcher Kristin explains in this video what Self-compassion is. Her most famous book is simply called Self-Compassion and is a great self-help book.


3. Matthieu Ricard is a big inspiration for many and a great authority in the field of Compassion. In this video he explains how compassion (altruism) can be your guide in life. His book about happiness is a joy to read.


4. Sharon Salzberg explains in less then 1 minute how to deal with fear. Together with Tara Brach and others she wrote a impressive book called Self Acceptence Project.


A comprehensive overview of meditations, scientific research, literature, events and more about self compassion. &
Two website of two well respected and known authors and teachers on self-compassion. Here you will find a wide variety of animations, videos, articles and other inspirational content.

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