Frequently Asked Questions

I already have a background in mindfulness and / or meditation. Is it possible to skip the 8 weeks mindfulness training?

That is certainly possible. You can just go for an in-depth course or mindful coaching if that suits your needs.

Why is the 8-weeks training a combination of mindfulness and self-compassion?

During my first few years as mindfulness trainer I noticed the power of Mindfulness but also that stress, anxieties and rumination were calmed but still caused suffering. Then I came across the new development in mindfulness ‘self compassion’ and this was a perfect match. Especially as we are not so good in self-care, often we treat our friends and family much better then we do ourselves.

I am not sure what is best for me: mindful coaching, the 8-weeks training, the in-depth trainings or a combination? Can you advice me.

This is the reason you can always go for a free introduction session. If you have any doubt or question you can contact me: or 0617720928.

Is it advisable to combine retreats and workshops outside Beyond Mindfulness with the activities of Beyond Mindfulness?

In theory this is very possible and sometimes even advisable; especially as I am not as experienced and knowledgeable as many of the mentioned teachers like Jan Geurts, Eckhart Tolle or Rupert Spira. They offer great retreats and other activities. However do note that the combination depends on many factors and it is often best to discuss this.

Is individual guidance between classes possible?

Certainly! In fact Beyond Mindfulness is designed to provide individual guidance and experience shows that this helps to integrate the practices in real life.

How do Mindfulness, Self-Compassion and Core of Meditatio relate to each other?

Firstly in Mindfulness training the “monkey mind” is pacified and awareness is increased. Then you learn to be more compassionate to yourself. This will allow for more space and calmness in which we can examine what the core of our mind really is and slowly learn how to transcend the daily struggles.

Which order should I follow within the activities of Beyond Mindfulness?

If you want to know more about me and Beyond Mindfulness going for an webinar or a introduction workshop is the perfect start. If you enjoyed that, the most common step is the 8-weeks mindfulness and self-compassion training. Everyone who followed this training or a similar one outside Beyond Mindfulness, can go more into depth with the three short 3-weeks (one evening) in-depth courses and/or mindful coaching.

What is important is to find your own desires, needs and your preferred tempo. In a free personal interview we make a tailored plan, personalized to your (meditation) background.

I would like to be a mindfulness trainer, is a Beyond Mindfulness trajectory appropriate?

Beyond Mindfulness content provides a strong foundation but it does not work with certificates, credits or trainers-of-trainers programs. The route is primarily focused on personal development.


Is there a mindfulness (meditation) app recommended?

There are many good options and it is very personal. Here are some app’s which were liked by my former participants:

  • VGZ Mindfulness Coach app
  • Insight Timer
  • Headspace
  • Mindfulness Daily
How do I register?

You can send an email to me or call me on 0617720928 and I will respond as soon as possible. Please briefly explain your question(s) and add your contact information.

What are the steps after registration?

I often reply within a few days by email or by phone and the next step will be free interview to understand your question and needs. You get a personal offer and if that appeals, the trajectory starts. The payment has to be met before the first session.

Payment, how does it work?

The payment has to be met before the first session, you will get an invoice for it. A month before a training you can secure your spot by making a reservation and make a down payment.

Should I bring something or wear specific clothes for the trainings?

It is not necessary. During the training you get a workbook and all other training materials and supplies are provided.

How large is the group if I follow the group training?

The group consists of a minimum of five and maximum of twelve participants. We deliberately chose not to make too big group so that everyone gets the proper attention and is heard and seen.