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Powerful Mindfulness meditations

In these seven powerful guided meditations you learn to allow, feel and settle yourself into a calmer, wiser and more compassioned place. You will learn to break through old patterns of stress, worrying and anxiety. Think of these mindfulness meditations as time for yourself, time when you don’t have to do anything and can relax. Rest in yourself and learn to be with what is. Live in the only moment we ever have, the present moment. Enjoy!

1. Guided meditations: the lake meditation – a visualisation

This visualization guided meditation (15 min) is inspired by the lake meditation of Jon Kabat Zinn and is found to be very powerful to re-connect with ourselves. Our essence, the stillness and peace within us. Behind/below the surface of our busy minds (our thoughts and emotions). This mindfulness meditations hopes to help you settle and sink in to this quite place.

It is well suited for laying down.

Geleide-meditatie-meer meditatie

2. Dealing with difficult emotions

This meditation enables you to face and allow difficult emotions. Instead of resisting, running away and/or overthinking about it, you give it space and therefore making room for joy, inner-peace and happiness. You learn a different attitude (way of looking)at emotions. Not always easy but very powerful.

Begeleide meditatie- omgang pijnlijke emoties


3. Guided meditations: the body scan

The body scan is a guided meditation that uses the body as an anchor point to be more present. Relax in it, be more aware and see this as a moment for yourself. Do not pursue anything and trust what will happen. Sometimes relaxation, sometimes not at all. Meditation is simply being with what is there, not having to change anything. What a relief this mindset can bring! Good luck.

This and the Lake meditations are guided meditations very suited to do laying on the floor.

Body-scan begeleide meditatie


4. The mountain meditation

This guided meditation (visualisation) is one my personal favorites, perfect when you feel vulnerable and loose touch with yourself. It can bring you back to your core and feel and see the qualities of the mountain in you; confident, strong, stabile, massive and grounded. This meditation is advised to do seated.


5. Guided meditations: the self-compassion break

This is a short (7 min) self-compassion meditation. One of the strongest guided meditations regarding self-compassion and finding love and kindness for yourself. Perfect at times when you get stuck, your head is working overtime (worrying/ruminating) and you are resisting a situation and/or emotion. You learn to recognize, and allow your emotions and see difficult moments as part of our lives. Instead of addressing yourself with punishment, treat yourself as you would with your best friend.

Geleide-meditatie-Zelfcompassie-Break-foto (1)


6. The breathing space guided meditation

This is a five minute breathing space meditation. Perfect when you get stuck in a thought pattern, your head is working overtime (worrying / rumination) and you are resisting a situation or person.

This guided mindfulness meditation can act as a sort of reset and help you get out of your automatic thinking patterns and reactions. It brings you more to this moment and with more awareness and mental space you can pick up (work) tasks again.

Geleide-meditatie-3-Minuten-Ademruimte-foto (1)

7. Dolphin & whale (breathing) mindfulness meditation

This short breathing meditation allows the breath to go from top to bottom. Like a wave that connects all the way through your body. This visualisation meditation is one of my personal favorites!

Geleide meditatie- Dolfijn_walvis meditatie (ademhaling & visualisatie)

If you have any questions, observation and/or comments, feel free to contact me. Prefer Dutch meditations? Click here or listen to very relaxing mindfulness music.