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Gedicht: Openheid en gewaarzijn

Dichten is voor mij een mooie manier om te beschrijven wat rationeel vaak lastig te verwoorden is. Dit is een persoonlijk gedicht over de achtbaan van het leven en over openheid, kwetsbaarheid, jezelf vinden, uitdagingen en plezier. Hoop dat je het mooi vindt en inspireert.


I feel open,
So present,
Emotions can freely go,
I flow,
I just let it all happen,
So liberating,
To hear graces ring,

To realize I am not the do’er, I am this empty whole,
Full of love,
Inherently so,
Moving in me and you,
Staying in his state of no clue,
I just allow live to go threw.

It will not always go as you want to,
See that this is the mind,
It’s programming is to constantly find,
Don’t get busy with it,
Don’t leave presence for a little bit,
Be firm as a rooted tree,
And go beyond and feel free.

Dare to be this open and allowing space,
Let fear in as you would do with joy,
If you really do this then ooh boy,
You will stand with amaze! 

Ofcourse it can be a messy process,
Life will challenge you,
It has and will often challenge me,
But it just wants me to clearly see,
And simple be!
If you are ready to face yourself,
Then dive in, go nuts and enjoy the rollercoaster of live,
And creativity, love and joy will be your drive.

Marc Keller (2018)