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Gedicht: thuiskomen bij jezelf

Dichten is voor mij een mooie manier om te beschrijven wat rationeel vaak lastig te verwoorden is. Persoonlijk (Eng) gedicht over thuiskomen bij jezelf, elke keer weer. Welke uitdaging ook op je pad komt.

Just be home,

Whenever you can,

Feel that you are this home,

This placeless place,

Not in thinking but in experience,

In being you.


When work pulls you out,

Don’t only shout,

Don’t just roam,

Just come back home,

It will be waiting.

When love confuses you,

Then too,

Just go back home,

Feel the contraction in it,

Let go of its lit,

Don’t allow thoughts to let you astray,

inquire that there is no ‘I’ anyway.


When you feel untrue,

Allow this home to find you,

Smile at the play of live,

Losing the need to strive,


You are not this body-mind,

So relax and unwind,

Happiness is not out there to find,

Just be loving and kind,

Be the nature of your true home,

The only place you will never be alone.


Marc Keller (2018)