Beyond Mindfulness | Introductory meeting

Introductory meeting

It is often difficult to choose between the increasing number of mindfulness trainings and the many coaching options. That is why I offer a free introductory meeting in which we will make you a customized and personal plan.

Do you notice that stress (burn-out) plays a role in your live, you sleep badly, perfectionism regularly comes up, you can be critical towards yourself, fear can paralyze you or you would like to be more confident in your work and private life? For this and more you can always request for an introductory meeting.

The goal of this is simple. On the one hand to clarify your main question, which enables me to make a personal offer. On the other hand it gives you the chance to get to know me and my approach.

Your question is being clarified

You get insight into your own behavior

The conversation is free and without obligation

You gain insight into my approach

You receive a tailor-made offer

You learn about mindfulness meditation

“The thing about meditation is: you become more and more you." 

David Lynch

Introductory meeting
30 – 60 minutes

Monday – Friday

Hillegomstraat 12-14, Amsterdam

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Not sure which training is right for you? Please request a free introductory meeting.

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