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Awareness Podcast: follow your happiness

Two strong and inspiring woman will talk in this awareness podcast on happiness, awareness, what it is to be a seeker, decision making, how to deal with difficult emotions and living from not-knowing. They also shared that it takes time to be established oneself in not-knowing and the peace and rest of our true nature, our essence. Like many of us they will go back and forth sometimes. After this talk I dove right into the not-knowing, even though I knew it for years conceptionally, via videos of various teachers. Very grateful for their sharing. 

If this podcast inspires you and you would like to share about your own findings, feel free to find me on instagram, fb and/or send me an email. On insight timer you will a brand new online course on awareness. In ten lessons I will guide you threw this topic and help you find ways to explore this for yourself, including various meditations.