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Podcast Awareness - wisdom of the seeker

Awareness podcast: The remarkable journey of a seeker

The new podcast ‘Awareness: the wisdom of the seeker’ is now live. We will discuss topics around awareness, happiness, spirituality, meditation, our essence, our journey on the (spiritual) path, how to live our lives from knowing who we are and much more. I hope you will get inspired!

This is the first episode of this new podcast series with two wise and interesting men. Ray Andrews and Yvan Houtteman. In this episode they shone their bright light on what awareness really is, why there is no need to look outside for it (you are already it!), the importance of honesty, seeing how remarkable this journey actually is and in the case of Yvan how the teaching has deepened his work as a philosophy teacher. And more.

I felt truly inspired and touched after this talk of more or less one hour, I hope you will too!