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Beyond Mindfulness (meditation Amsterdam) offers various mindfulness-meditation trajectories. In English you can follow this mostly on individual basis, in mindfulness, stress and burn-out coaching and/or more holistic life-coaching. My way of coaching is characterized by a pragmatic, in-depth and solution-oriented approach; it facilitates you to really cope better with anxiety, stress, perfectionism and our inner critics. And maybe even more important, to really take leadership of your own (working) life.

 The meditations will be a combination of mindfulness, self-compassion and self-inquiry. It might good to know that since 2012 I give mindfulness, (self) compassion and meditation trainings and for more then 10 years i have facilitated many enterpreneurs, managers and other people within and outside the business world.

In recent years I gave mindfulness at the workplace trainings and individual trajectories for various organisations: Expereo, DSM, Vesteda, yoga studio Yagoy and Hogeschool Inholland and more. In 2021 i completed my in-depth workplace mindfulness education  too. So i am ready and eager to apply this knowledge to you and/or your organisation.

Expats & internationals

I love to work with international people (expats), as i lived and worked abroad for quite some time myself. I studied in the UK, i did my internship in Kosovo and as a business consultant and trainer i worked and lived in Eastern-Africa. These experiences were livechanging and widened my view on life.  It feels like such a previlige and joy to have been able to do that.

Reimbursement & free introduction

As I am a category 1 trainer at the VMBN, some health insurance companies reimburse the individual mindfulness, meditation coaching and/or ndividual mindfulness training. Check with your own health insurance for the specifics. If you have any questions for me, please feel free to contact me.

Want to know more about me / Beyond Mindfulness? Go to about Beyond Mindfulness. For questions you can contact or a free introduction session, you can contact me on +31617720928 or via email and I come back to you as soon as possible.

“The things about meditation is: you become more and more you” 

David Lynch

Meditation Amsterdam
€ 97,50 incl VAT per hour

Monday – Friday 09.00 – 18.00
Online & Amsterdam & Alkmaar
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Ricardo Arcega Adrados

Really insightful training, it helped me understand my thoughts and feelings better!

Jelmer van Hoek

Marc’s coaching has been extremely valuable to me. I have followed a 1 on 1 coaching trajectory and have experienced his coaching as very pleasant and instructive. He listens well and introduces you to meditation and mindfulness in a way that suits you. I can recommend it to anyone who is interested in mindfulness and wants to learn more about it!


Reviews Beyond Mindfulness trainings

Kovács Anna

Marc is a very good coach, he is understanding and compassionate. He also pushes you just beyond your borders with a lot of respect so you can trust that nothing bad can happen through the journey but you can discover a lot of your hidden strength. I recommend his help to anyone who wants to work on their self-improvement. Have a good journey!


Reducing stress

Learn to let go of stress, control and perfectionism and be more relaxed and in touch with yourself.


Become aware of your limits, recognize stress signals and allows stress to be released.


The approach is down-to-earth, practically applicable, fun without loosing any depth.

Tackling root causes

We go to the root of the matter and merge western psychology with eastern traditions.


The approach of Beyond Mindfulness is based on the insights and approach of the founders of mindfulness and self-compassion in the West (Jon Kabat-Zinn and Kristin Neff) and has influences of Tibetan Buddhism and Yoga philosophy. This unique combination consists of a wide range of meditation, inspirational videos, teachings/stories, mindful movement and group discussions.

For +10 years I have been coaching and guiding people in life issues, in the career field and in dealing with stress, anxieties and burnout. More and more I see that the biggest obstacle, in almost all issues, is fear. We prefer to run away from it, avoid and deny it, but if we look closely it is the driving force behind many problems: perfectionism, pleasing, lack of self-confidence, rigidness (controlling), difficulties making choices and being allowed to be ourselves,under achieving at work and difficulties in setting boundaries. During the meditation Amsterdam coaching you learn to breaks through these selfset limitations and get more out of your self, work and private life.

My approach in coaching is solution-orientated, non-judgemental, pracmatic, deepening and applicable in your day-to-day (work) life. Recently i am very inspired by the IFS approach.

Inner Family Systems (IFS)

Inner Family Systems is a new way of understanding and harmonizing the mind and our (internal) human systems. Inner Family Systems (IFS) is a powerful, science-based, transformative, direct and refreshing approach. In which the mind is seen as multiple and that that is good. Our inner parts contain valuable qualities and our core Self knows how to heal them, allowing us to become integrated, free, authentic and whole.


With Beyond Mindfulness I aim to make some of the wisdom of the traditional movements (i.e. Buddhism) accessible to a larger group, in order to let people experience long-term inner peace, joy and happiness. In my personal quest, Due to my curious and searching nature, I have walked various paths. I studied in Wales, I lived and worked in Tanzania and worked both in business and the mental health.

I have the ambition to make a genuine contribution so that people can act less from fear and more from love and a connection to life. With my experiences as a meditation practitioner and as a professional trainer-coach I can offer an unique combination of activities.


  • Training of Trainers (Jobortunity and MDF-ESA, 2009 and 2011)
  • Post-graduate coach training (BGL 2013)
  • Training Mindfulness trainer (SeeTrue 2014)
  • Silent Dzogchen & relationship-meditation retreats (Jan Geurtz 2015 and 2019)
  • Year Courses Dzogchen & (self) Compassion (Jan Geurtz, 2015-2017)
  • Buddhist meditation course and individual retreat (Nepal 2016)
  • Non-duality Retreats with Rupert Spira (2016-2019)
  • Trainings on Voice-dialogue and non-violent communication (2017-2019)
  • Silent retreat Adyashanti (2018) and heart-vipassana (Maanhoeve 2021)
  • Mindfulness en Dementie workshop en opleiding (Seetrue 2019 en 2021)
  • Workplace Mindfulness, (Oxford University Spin off (TME) Seetrue 2021)
  • Mindfulness education longer trajectory – category 1 trainer VMBN (Seetrue 2021)
  • Inner Family Systems (IFS) certified based education (Innerlijke Stemmen, Innerlijke Leiding 2021).
  • Inner Family Systems (IFS) workshop with Loch Kelly (2021).
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