My passion is to facilitate everyone who is curious to go beyond the standard mindfulness trainings. We seem to intuitively know that real happiness is found within ourselves (rather then in the outside world) but we often lose ourselves in thoughts and feelings. I can not think of anything more rewarding than to contribute to such a transition.
“You can’t stop the waves but you can learn to surf.” Jon Kabat Zinn

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Reducing stress

Learn to let go of stress, control and perfectionism and be more relaxed and in touch with yourself.


Become aware of your limits, recognize stress signals and allows stress to be released.


The approach is down-to-earth, practically applicable, fun without loosing any depth.

Tackling root causes

We go to the root of the matter and merge western psychology with eastern traditions.

Choose Your Mindfulness Trainings Class

The mindfulness trainings are the base. You can go more into depth by following the 3-weeks trainings and/or a mindful coaching trajectory. Due to my certification as category 1 trainer at the VMBN, part of the costs of individual mindfulness trajectories can often be reimbursed from insurances companies.

Mindfulness cursus

Mindfulness is a conscious, free and present way of living. This 8 weeks course enables you to observe your thoughts, feelings and behaviour rather than responds.

Zelfcompassie training

My way of coaching is characterized by a pragmatic, in-depth and solution-oriented approach; it facilitates you to really cope better with fear, perfectionism and our inner critics.

Mindfulness retraite Texel

Take a break from your daily life and stay in the middle of nature. The retreat offers a down-to-earth and in-depth experience of  self-compassion and mindfulness trainings.


Through mindfulness, Self-Compassion and voice dialogue you will learn to deal with your difficult emotions, be with it and thereby open the way to happiness.

Mindfulness op de werkvloer

Stress, burn-out, lack of creativity and fear are on the rise in the workplace and thousands of studies show that mindfulness trainings are an incredibly powerful way to counter this.


Want to know what trajectory is right for you and your organisation?  Ask for a free one on one appointment to learn more! Currently we offer coaching and in-company trainings in english.

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Beyond Mindfulness trainings are based on the 3 key elements

The approach of Beyond Mindfulness is based on the three key elements, which are the basis for the mindfulness trainings:

Mindfulness: developing awareness, attention in the here and now, space and acceptance for passing thoughts and feelings.

Self-Compassion: sensation of suffering, recognizing common humanity, developing compassion for the temporary nature of the fluctuations of the mind.

The essence of Meditation: inquiry of the mind and the heart of your true nature.

Video: Beyond Mindfulness at the workplace

Kovács Anna

“Marc is a very good coach, he is understanding and compassionate. He also pushes you just beyond your borders with a lot of respect so you can trust that nothing bad can happen through the journey but you can discover a lot of your hidden strength.”

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Coaching and mindfulness trainings are held at the Hillegomstraat 12-14 in Amsterdam. The room is light, cosy and the venue is well located close to Hoofddorpplein. For questions you can contact me on +31617720928 or via email and I come back to you as soon as possible.

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