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Mindfulness Retreat

Via Self-compassion face your fears and better selfcare

Mindfulness and overcoming your fear are the central themes of this weekend. I believe it is possible, supported by a relaxing environment, to find the potential in yourself, learn to relax in life and simply be happy. Take a break from daily life and let yourself be surrounded by the beautiful nature of Texel. You are staying in a great location with plenty of space for walks and relaxation. For more detailed and practical information dowload this PDF file.

Instead of criticism or punishment you learn to understand, care and support yourself. In this Mindfulness Weekend retreat you learn to be more present, aware, less judgemental and lastly to deal with difficult thoughts and emotions in a more compassionate way. So you no longer have to avoid painful situations. You stop fighting your fears and simply make contact with (feeling) them. Then you will conquer your fear and joy, happiness and inner peace will naturally find you.

Note that the mindfulness retreat will be primarily in Dutch and if you are hesitant if your Dutch is sufficient don’t hesitate to contact me.

Becoming conscious of own patterns

Deal better with stress, burn-out and difficult emotions

Discover your core values

Learn to trust and be yourself

Experience the power of Mindfulness

Meditations and tools for daily use

“Your heart is the light of this world. Don’t cover it with your mind”


Mindfulness Retreat Weekend
€350 Incl. VAT

12-14 June 2020

Friday afternoon, Saturday and Sunday afternoon

B & B Isola Bella

Download PDF Program

Full Agenda

Mindfulness Tips and Exercises – make a start now

This mini-workbook stimulates you to take the first steps in the world of mindfulness and self-compassion and helps you to bring it in to practice.

Reducing stress

Learn to let go of stress, control and perfectionism and be more relaxed and in touch with yourself.


Become aware of your limits, recognize stress signals and allows stress to be released.


The approach is down-to-earth, practically applicable, fun without loosing any depth.

Tackling root causes

We go to the root of the matter and merge western psychology with eastern traditions.


This Mindfulness retreat combines the approach of Jon Kabat Zinn and Kristin Neff with in-depth exercises and meditations on dealing with underlying emotions such as fear.

Happiness is something already in us and in this Mindfulness retreat weekend we will try to unlock this potential. You will learn to act from love instead of fear. The retreat consists of a dynamic variety of mindfulness meditations, sharing in small groups, insightful exercises, interaction and movement.


With Beyond Mindfulness I aim to make some of the wisdom of the traditional movements (i.e. Buddhism) accessible to a larger group, in order to let people experience long-term inner peace, joy and happiness. In my personal quest, Due to my curious and searching nature, I have walked various paths. I studied in Wales, I lived and worked in Tanzania and worked both in business and the mental health.

I have the ambition to make a genuine contribution so that people can act less from fear and more from love and a connection to life. With my experiences as a meditation practitioner and as a professional trainer-coach I can offer an unique combination of activities.


  • Training of Trainers (Jobortunity and MDF-ESA, 2009 and 2011)
  • Post-graduate coach training (BGL 2013)
  • Training Mindfulness trainer (SeeTrue 2014)
  • Silence retreat Dzogchen with Jan Geurtz (2015)
  • Year Courses Self-Compassion & Dzogchen (Jan Geurtz, 2015-2017)
  • Buddhist meditation course and individual retreat (Nepal 2016)
  • Non-duality retreats with Rupert Spira (2016-2018)
  • Trainings on Voice-dialogue and non-violent communication (2017)
  • Meditation & theater retreat Arunachala Bakhti Lab (India 2018)
  • Silent retreat with Adyashanti (2018)

Customer Reviews


Marc is a very good coach, he is understanding and compassionate. He also pushes you just beyond your borders with a lot of respect so you can trust t...

Kovács Anna, Amsterdam


Marc is a positive and energetic person, open-minded, deep and a very good listener. He takes really good care of people around him, so I strongly rec...

Elisa Caligiana, Amsterdam


Ik heb net mijn 8-weekse mindfulness training afgerond en ik kan iedereen deze cursus aanraden! Marc is een attente man, die erg betrokken is bij zowe...

Maxime Fischer, Amsterdam


Heb je interesse in een Mindfull training, dan is het een aanrader om deze 8-weekse training bij Marc Keller te doen..! Ik ( Diana) was onderdeel van...

diana soons, Amsterdam


Een hele fijne training om je de basis van de 8 weekse, eigen te maken. Op een nuchtere manier wordt alle informatie aangereikt en behandeld. Een echt...

Mirella van der Wal, Amsterdam

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